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Handmade Soap in Beautiful 4oz. Bars-Click on image for a closer, sharper view!
Handmade Soaps

These are "cold-process" soaps from scratch!  Not melt-and-pour glycerin.   Unlike many soap makers, I wrap each bar individually in plastic to insure freshness and to keep other scents from mixing.

Handmade Soap Scent
$5.50 each or 3 or more for $5.25 each!
4oz Bars individually wrapped.
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Bay Rum

Mix, Match & Save!

Back by popular demand! It will wake you up in the morning or cool you off after a long day. Pure peppermint essential oils and shea butter pamper your senses.
Sorry, temporarily sold out.

Mix, Match & Save!

Day Spa
Inspired by my favorite day spa. This is a refreshing, relaxing blend of lavender and eucalyptus. Indulge yourself every day!   

Mix, Match & Save!

Lemon Verbena and Lavender
Inspired by a trip along the central California coast, this scent is full of happiness. It has become a best seller at my booth at farmers' markets. It's now available to everyone online!   

Mix, Match & Save!

Midsummers' Rose 
This a beautifully crisp, light rose...Just like a garden in July. 

(Rose scented body oil is also available)

Add a Rose Body Oil and save on both! Just $30.00 Order Rose Handmade Soap and Rose Body Oil


Mix, Match & Save!

Lime 'n da Coconut Lotion Lady® put the lime in the coconut and put them both together into her great handmade soap. A wonderfully intoxicating scent that will definitely become a hit.
Sorry, temporarily sold out.

Mix, Match & Save!

Zesty Lemon
After receiving numerous requests, I developed this soap for true lemon lovers. I add lemon zest for exfoliation and avocado oil for extra moisturizing.    

Mix, Match & Save!

Happy Morning Soap
Wake up with this stimulating blend of rosemary, lemongrass and ginger.   

Mix, Match & Save!

Start your day in a tropical garden. Finally, a plumeria scent that smells just like the flower in Hawaii.  

(Plumeria scented body oil is also available)

Add a Plumeria Body Oil and save on both! Just $30.00 Order Plumeria Soap and Plumeria Body Oil


Mix, Match & Save!

Coastal SageA natural deodorant. Excellent for skin problems. Sage is said to strengthen the senses and memory. Please, avoid all sage products while pregnant.   

Mix, Match & Save!

Exfoliating Almond
Mildly exfoliating. Refreshing as well as purifying.   

Mix, Match & Save!

A scent imported from Paradise! Said to be an aphrodisiac.   

(Gardenia scented body oil is also available)

Add a Gardenia Body Oil and save on both! Just $30.00 Sorry, temporarily sold out.


Sorry, temporarily sold out.

Mix, Match & Save!

Oatmeal Vanilla
Very soothing to dry, itchy skin. Also, mildly exfoliating.   

Mix, Match & Save!

China Rain
New! Now exfoliating!

The most popular scent. Clean and fresh!     

(China Rain scented body oil is also available)

Add a China Rain Body Oil and save on both! Just $30.00 Order China Rain Soap and China Rain Body Oil


Mix, Match & Save!

The rich exotic scent of Sandalwood.   



Mix, Match & Save!

Lavender Oatmeal
Very relaxing and mildly exfoliating.

(Lavender scented body oil is also available)
(Lavender Dryer Bags are also available)

Add a Lavender Body Oil and save on both! Just $30.00 Order Lavender Oatmeal Soap and Lavender Body Oil


Mix, Match & Save!

Strawberry Avocado Soap
This is a great soap for getting your skin ready for summer. With exfoliating strawberry seeds and avocado oil, your skin will have a healthy glow!    

Mix, Match & Save!

Premium* Handmade Soaps
These soaps have are made from ingredients that are far more costly to obtain. All of my handmade soaps are made from high-quality ingredients. I refuse to use inferior ingredients simply to keep the costs low. So, you are always assured of getting the best value for your hard-earned money.
4oz Bars individually wrapped.
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Said to be an aphrodisiac. Now with Hemp Oil! Excellent for dry skin problems. Meditative, uplifting and relaxing.     

Patchouli is not available as a "Free Soap".
(Patchouli scented body oil is also available)


Tea Tree Calendula
The best facial soap! This soap is crafted to be especially moisturizing and gentle for sensitive or problem skin. Made with Shea Butter and superfatted with Calendula Oil, it's a bit more expensive than my other soaps, but your face is definitely worth it!    $7.50

Tea Tree Calendula is not available as a "Free Soap".
(Calendula Tea Tree Oil is also available)


Mix or Match Six (6) Handmade Soaps 
(Premium soaps are not available with this offer)

Please choose a soap from each menu:

Handmade Soap.  3 Bars for $12.75!

Save! Choose 3 for $15.75!

"My newest recipe to craft my hand made soaps is even kinder to your skin. I now add ground golden flax seeds to all of my soaps. This increases the amount of glycerin produced during the soap making process. Also, I am now using Shea Butter to superfat all my soaps, except Tea Tree Calendula, which is superfatted with Calendula Oil. There are no detergents or synthetics which may irritate and dry out skin. No animal products are used. They lather great and, because of the high quality oil I use, they have a higher melting point than most hand made soaps! That makes them last longer. Using these soaps, your skin will feel sensuous and moisturized."

"If you didn't find quite what you wanted, I may be able to help you with a customized order. Just click on the Special Requests link below and I'll give you a quick reply!"

Kristen, The Lotion Lady

Special RequestsSpecial Requests 

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